We are beginning to think about school supplies for our children.  Last year we gave out supplies to 171 children.  This year I am making plans for 200.  We have inventoried our leftover supplies and have decided we will request them differently this year.  Rather than just asking for school supplies in general, we are asking you to pledge to  supply needed items from the following list.  If you would let us know what you are pledging by July 15 we will be able to plan for what is not being covered.  School supplies need to be dropped off at Helping Hands no later than August 4, 2015 so we can prepare them for distribution the next week.


162      Bookbags

120      8 oz. Elmer’s Glue

400      Glue Sticks

50        Boxes quart size zippered bags

50        Boxes gallon sized zippered bags

180      Rolls of paper towels

200      Boxes of kleenex

40        Containers of Wet Ones

60        Plastic school boxes

160      Regular size black EXPO dry erase markers

40        Thin size black EXPO dry erase markers

20        Packs of 8 colored EXPO dry erase markers

20        packs of 8 colors washable markers

20        packs of Crayola or Prang water colors

200      Headphones (SV Library has these for $1.00- call ahead for availability)

60        8-1/2″ x 11″ NONSPIRAL Bound 1 subject notebooks

140      Yellow highlighters

20        Pink highlighters

185      Fiskar type School Scissors

85        large erasers

25        RED plastic folders

15        YELLOW plastic folders

15        BLUE plastic folders

15        GREEN plastic folders

15        PURPLE plastic folders

174      Wide ruled 1 subject spiral notebooks

100      Zippered school pouch

159      Packs Wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper

40        NONSPIRAL composition notebooks

60        1″  3 ring binder

20        5 Tab Big Tab Insertable binder dividers

30        rulers- marked for both standard and metric

100      Packs of UNLINED 3×5 cards

20        Packs of 24 colored pencils

20        Packs of noncoated paper plates

50        Containers of clorox wipes

40        Handheld pencil sharpeners

20        3″ square sticky notes

20        1/2″ X 2″ sticky notes

20        Black erasable pens

20        2″  3 Ring Binder

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 330-866-2005.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and cooperation is helping our community children prepare for learning.