Eggs are so versatile- you can eat them alone or use them in many dishes.   They provide protein, all essential amino acids humans need as well as several nutrients we need- like vitamins A, B and D, riboflavin and retinol.

How often do you use eggs?   My answer would be everyday!   Eggs are one item we did not often have here at Helping Hands. When we did have eggs they are were of the most popular “extras” we offered.

Then we got a phone call from Rose Valley Farm and HHN has been blessed with eggs  for our families.  Rose Valley is a local farm in Magnolia which has delivered dozens- and I am talking about  40+ dozens- of eggs for our families EACH week over the last few months.  I cannot begin to explain how appreciated these eggs are by our neighbors in need.

The generosity of Rose Valley Farms is overwhelming when you think of the volume of eggs they share with us each week.  Helping Hands staff and our families are truly grateful for such a gift.