Dear Friends,

Helping Hands Network once again is so very grateful for the outpouring of support from our community. Our second “Boot and Bucket” fundraiser campaign was held Saturday, April 30, 2016 and raised $5050.00 to help support our mission to alleviate hunger in the Sandy Valley Community. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Many people gave of their time and talents to make this fundraiser a success. Thank you first of all goes to Fred Gordon for organizing the event. Manning the BOOTS and the BUCKETS in Waynesburg and Magnolia were: Jim Marraccini, Roger Austin, Josh Brown, Rick Carlile, Jeremy Dierick, Tom Ely, Michael Lambert, Randy Miller and John Whitacre III all from the Mohawk Valley Joint Fire District, Charles Miller, Roger Summers, Jen and Jeff Hagar from the William McKinley Masonic Lodge, Bill Henderson from Waynesburg, and Fred Gordon, Doug Prevosto, Sonny Halter, Jane and Jim France from Helping Hands.

A special note of thanks to Mohawk Valley also for their support in letting us use their facility to organize and feed the volunteers!

Thank you to Gloria Gordon for helping to serve our volunteers food so generously donated by: Debbie Remark, Juke Box Pizza, Kirk’s Restaurant, West End Pizza, The American Italian Club and Gloria Gordon.

Thank you to The Bank of Magnolia and Consumer’s National Bank for counting all our dollars and cents and giving us cashier checks to deposit.

Thank you to Sarchione Ford and Waynesburg Carriage for making generous donations to help our efforts.

Helping Hands Network provides a generous 5 day supply of food to approximately 600 people of the Sandy Valley Community each month (nearly 200 are children). In 2015 we distributed 149,419 pounds of food at an average cost of $.09 per pound. We strive to be excellent financial stewards of the funds donated to us. We operate ENTIRELY on donations with the exception of $450.00 we receive each month from the Stark County Hunger Task Force to spend at the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.   All monies raised help to finance the day to day operation of Helping Hands Network.

Our community is so generous in helping our neighbors in need. Thank you once again for making a difference in your community.