Produce Produce Produce!!!

As your gardens are planted and begin to produce all those glorious fresh vegetables and you have an abundance that you cannot use…please consider donating your surplus to Helping Hands.  We will gladly pass along fresh produce to our neighbors in need.  Fresh produce is one of the most nutrient dense types of food you can eat and just the kind we like to provide!  Helping Hands makes a concerted effort to have fresh produce available daily via what is available at the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.  However, we all know that locally grown produce is the best of the best!  So if your zucchini plants or beans or whatever are extra abundant this summer and you just can’t eat anymore or your neighbors are hiding from you when you try to share with them….we are located at 126 S. Main St. in Waynesburg.  Vegetables may be brought in Tues., Wed. or Thurs between 9 and 2:30.  Thank you as always for your generous support of our efforts to alleviate hunger in the Sandy Valley Community.