I ran across this article in The Reader’s Digest called “The Gift of Food”.  I copied it and had everyone at HHN read it.  We thought maybe you would enjoy it too.

There are those in our culture who subscribe to the notion that the only people who come to a food pantry are those that are looking for a handout.  We here at HHN can tell you otherwise.  This article focuses on that.  I invite you to be open to the fact that we do not always know the entire circumstances of someone else’s situation.  Before we jump on the judgment train,  let us remember that we too could find ourselves in need.  Thank goodness there are those in our community who heed the call to help others.  If you have never worried about where your next meal will come from consider how fortunate you are and remember there but for the grace of God…

Follow the link below to the article “The Gift of Food”.

This Woman’s Innocent Comment About Food Donations Says a Lot About Poverty in America